software even faster.

Create updates and installer packages for your desktop application in just one command. It's never been faster to deliver software.

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Quickly build excellent user experiences

Your users deserve fast application installs and updates, that don't waste their time or precious CPU resources. You deserve to skip the usual boilerplate and hassle, and spend more time building the product that you love.

Background Updates

Perform updates in the background, launch the newest version on next launch.

Small Delta Updates

Users only download the diff between versions, so even updating huge apps can be fast.

One-Click Installer

Your app is installed and running just seconds after the user runs Setup.

Self-Updating Portable

Even if you ship your app portably, you can still perform updates as usual.

Code Signing

Automatically sign and notarize (if applicable) your application during builds.

Zero Setup Packaging

Execute Velopack with your compiler output, we take care of everything to prepare it for your target OS.

Open Source

The core Velopack tooling and SDK will always be 100% free and open source.

2822 Commits

Velopack is an established and active project, and we love to incorporate feedback.

10+ Year Exp.

We know from first-hand experience updating software properly is hard.

Simple automatic updates

Adding updates to your application can be done in less than 10 lines of code.

Velopack takes care of applying delta updates, requesting needed permissions, installing missing pre-requisites (eg. vcredist, dotnet), applying the update, and restarting your app.

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Build your first release in record time

Velopack has built-in commands for creating a new release and publishing to your users. It's as simple as running a few commands in your terminal.


Compile your app

Use your usual compiler (such as dotnet, cargo, npm, etc) to produce a build output folder.


Pack your build output

All Velopack needs to build a release and installer is the version and build output directory.


Publish updates anywhere

Upload packages anywhere static files are served, such as Azure, AWS S3, GitHub Releases, and more.


Read first-hand from our users

I now have my external facing application using Velopack. I am very impressed. Seems to work fabulously well and be much faster both in the initial build and in the upgrading of the software on the end user's machine than Squirrel was. It's amazing and the best installer I've ever used in over 30 years of development. Thanks so much! You are doing some great work!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I've been using Clowd.Squirrel since Squirrel.Windows wasn't working for me. Just popped into that repository and noticed the release of Velopack. How unexpected! It works fantastic and is so much faster than Squirrel, wow! Thank you again, it's very appreciated.

I've used a lot of installer frameworks and Velopack is by far the best. Everything is like magic: you run the installer, and then the app is just open, ready to use. Updates apply and relaunch in ~2 seconds with no UAC prompts. The pack process is painless and integrates easily with code signing. The support is also phenominal; every concern I've had has been addressed. This is the future of desktop installers.
David Rickard

I'm extremely impressed with Velopack's performance in creating releases, as well as checking for and applying updates. It is significantly faster than other tools. The vpk CLI is intuitive and easy to implement, even with my complex build pipeline. Thanks to Velopack, I've been able to streamline my workflow and save valuable time. It's a fantastic tool that I highly recommend!
Keith Harvey

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